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Gentle, Pain-Free Dental Endodontics

Brisbane Endodontist Ward Rutley is a dental specialist focussed exclusively on endodontic treatment, otherwise known as root canal treatment.

When undertaken by a registered specialist, the success rate of treatments is documented to be well over the 90% mark. The right treatment plan can restore your tooth to its normal function and look.

Our core focus is on helping you retain your teeth without having them removed. Even some of the most challenging cases have seen a tooth saved for a lifetime with our specialised endodontic treatments.

What is the difference between dentists and endodontists?

Within Australia, both a dentist and an endodontist are recognised as dental care professionals. This is because both can perform general dentistry, including root canal therapy; however, the difference is, an endodontist has completed a three-year post-graduate degree in endodontics and has extensive training (after becoming a dentist) in the tooth pulp, pain diagnosis and root canal treatments.

An Endodontist only sees patients that require root surgery, tooth trauma management, cracked tooth and root canal treatments.
Frequently a general dentist will refer you to us due to our level of expertise in this area.

If you have been referred to us by your dentist, they want you to receive the best patient care available. It’s our goal to look after you professionally within a safe and friendly environment to ensure we achieve the best outcome for you.

Why Endodontic Treatment?

At the very centre of our teeth is what is known as the pulp. Within the pulp is a microscopic and complex network of tissue, blood vessels and nerves that keep the tooth healthy. However, when a tooth is damaged by impact, cracking, decay, or repeatedly repaired, this delicate pulp can become diseased, causing severe pain.
Treatments such as a root canal will remove the problem pulp, clean the interior, and seal it off to preserve the tooth and reduce the pain.

Our Endodontic Services

Here at Ward Rutley Endodontist, we offer you the highest level of clinical excellence, using the latest technologies and our specialised techniques with our endodontic services, which include: 

  • Microsurgical treatments 
  • Cracked teeth diagnosis and management
  • Regenerative procedures 
  • Difficult dental pain diagnosis 
  • Root canal therapies
  • Internal teeth bleaching 

We work with patients of all ages and backgrounds, providing a safe and friendly environment, going to great lengths to ensure any procedure is as painless as possible.

Don’t leave your dental problem for another day. You don’t have to live with pain or worry that makes you feel miserable. Doctor Ward Rutley has the skills and team who can solve the problem in a safe and friendly environment.

What Our Treatment Means For You

Time Saving Process

We will develop a treatment procedure for you to reduce appointments and the time it takes to heal.

Pain-Free Management

Our experience, advanced techniques and aftercare support are designed to minimise tooth trauma and alleviate any pain.

Less Invasive Procedures

Using the latest instruments and technologies, including 3d imaging, fibre optics and micro ultrasonics, we provide less invasive treatment methods.

The Right Results

With decades of dedicated service within the field behind us, you can have confidence in our ability to get you the result you deserve.

Introducing Doctor Ward Rutley

BSc Melb. BDSc W.Aust. MDSc Qld. MRACDS (Endo)


Doctor Ward Rutley is a Brisbane endodontist focussed on helping people with a personalised dental care approach as if they were family.

Helping patients find a solution to their problematic teeth has always been an honour for him. In addition, he takes great satisfaction in working with people of all ages and from all backgrounds to build long-lasting relationships.

After obtaining a Bachelor of Science degree at the University of Melbourne and a Bachelor of Dental Science at the University of Western Australia, Doctor Ward Rutley furthered his expertise by obtaining a Master of Dental Science in Endodontics at the University of Queensland.

After completing his studies in 2004, his passion for Endodontic therapies has seen him build a widely respected career helping members of the Brisbane community.

Doctor Ward Rutley is a valued member of the following associations:

Australian and New Zealand Academy of Endodontists

Royal Australian College of Dental Surgeons

Australian Dental Association

Australian Society of Endodontology

Australian Dental Association Queensland Ipswich sub-branch

He is also a valued committee member for the Australian Society of Endodontology in roles as Queensland State President, a referee for the Australian Endodontic Journal, and a committee member of the Research Grants Advisory Committee.

He enjoys sharing his knowledge with the next generation and has lectured to undergraduate dental students at Griffith University and tutoring postgraduate students in endodontic literature at the University of Queensland.

Away from Endodontics, he dedicates his time to his wife and family and retains a passion for flying. He spent his earlier years serving as a Senior Dental Officer in the Royal Australian Air Force, where he also flew C130 Hercules transport aircraft out of Sydney.

Our staff are committed to looking after your best interests. Our team works diligently to answer your questions and to make you feel comfortable before, during and after your treatment. We are conveniently located at the Brisbane Dental Specialist Centre at unit 4, 80 Hope Street in South Brisbane.